Principal Investigator

Karthik picture

Karthik Anantharaman


Associate Professor

Department of Bacteriology
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Madison


B.Tech., Civil Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Karnataka, India. 2007
M.S.E., Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan. 2008
Ph.D., Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Michigan. 2014
Postdoctoral Research: University of California-Berkeley

I am a microbiologist with broad research interests in microbial ecology, virology, biogeochemistry, and genomics. My research program spans environmental and human microbiomes, biogeochemistry, and bioinformatics. My wide-ranging interests stem from my education and experiences which have been highly interdisciplinary spanning sciences and engineering. Me and my lab have a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusivity. At UW-Madison, I teach an upper level class for undergrads and grad students: Microbiology 450 – Evolution, Ecology, and Diversity of Microorganisms.

Outside of the lab, me and my family are avid travelers. I also enjoy scuba diving, photography, and heavy metal!

Watch Karthik talking about viruses in hydrothermal vents and the deep sea