Graduate Students


Ph.D Candidate, Microbiology Doctoral Training Program (2017-present)

B.S., Biology, Central Michigan University (2017)

Research Interests – Bacteriophages are often overlooked as contributing members of an ecosystem. I am interested in using sequencing data to explore ecological and biogeochemical services of phages in nature and the human gut. I am also interested in the development of bioinformatic methods to expand the set of tools available for investigating phages.

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Patricia Tran

Ph.D Candidate, Freshwater and Marine Sciences Program (2018-present)

B.S., Environmental Sciences, McGill University, 2016

M.S., Biology, Concordia University, 2018

Graduate certificate in Bioinformatics, McGill University, 2016

Research Interests – My research explores the metabolism and ecology of microbes in anoxic zones of freshwater lakes, such as seasonally oxygen-depleted bottom waters (hypolimnions) of Lake Mendota (Madison, WI), and the permanently anoxic deep waters of Lake Tanganyika (Tanzania). Additionally, my work aims to bridge the gap between the data-rich research fields of genomics and aquatic modeling, by leveraging genomic information from -omics datasets (metagenomics, metatranscriptomics) to inform lake quality water models.

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Elise Cowley

MD/PhD Candidate, Microbiology Doctoral Training Program (2020-present), Entering Class of 2017

NIH-CIBM Predoctoral Fellow

B.S., Chemistry and Bioresource Research, Oregon State University

Research Interests – I am interested in how microbial ecology can impact human health and the flipside – how human health can impact microbial ecology. I am currently working on projects related to the bacterial sulfur cycle in the human gut, specifically as it relates to colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease.

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Jacob Hotvedt

M.S. Microbiology Program (2020-present)

B.S., Microbiology, University of Wisconsin-Madison